What We Do

Engaging people to love the wild has three key components

Learn From the WILD

Mother Nature in all its glory has many lessons for every age.   Lessons of curiosity, mindfulness, health, balance, risk, vision, and adventure are all lesson plans of nature that we strive to introduce to people of all ages.  Through learning, we become better stewards as we recognize value.

Capturing the imagination of our youth through the media of books and video leads to the exploring of our wild landscapes.   Their curiosity and thirst for adventure finds them dragging parents to explore and learn.   Sharing with children the stories of how they are a part of the wild kingdom as just one of the many who share our earth gives them a sense of pride and ownership. The dream and vision for the Love the Wild Foundation was born out of the stories that created through adventures in the Green Kids Club.

We work to: Provide learning adventures by partnering with other NGO’s, schools and the Green Kids Club and engage people to practice mindfulness in nature through workshops and experiences that teach us to slow down and be present.

Currently we are raising $20,000 to support the development of curriculum for schools through a distance learning opportunity. It will connect students from different areas and walks of life, mentors and provide role models with students and educators, who are eager to explore ways of keeping plastics from over running our country. 

We are  partnering with Inspired Classrooms   



Enjoy the WILD

Recreation on our public lands bonds people with the wild landscapes that need our love and attention.  Creating relevance of the power of the wild to our health and well-being through enjoyment is crucial in today’s fast paced, technological world.   If we like it, we will seek it and preserve it.  Being able to access the wild through trails and designated points not only makes access safer but also allows for the balance of humans and nature. Stopping the sale of our public lands to private sector industries, pushing for better access points and encouraging strong management practices for our wild landscapes are areas in which the Foundation focuses our attention.

Protect the WILD

Wild Landscapes and wild animals depend on our stewardship.   By sharing the how and why good stewardship is critical in today’s world and calling attention to disruptive practices and policies of people, industry and land management, we will make people more aware of their responsibility to preserve the wild for future generations.

Thus, we seek advocates for the wild. Through you, we will reach farther and wider.

Our Fundraising Goals

  • Donating Books

    about our wild landscapes and its inhabitants to schools and youth programs.

  • Creating Learning Opportunities

    bringing young people from a wide variety of locations together electronically to talk about challenges and discuss possible solutions. Engaging bright minds with help through curriculum, biologists, scientists and teachers that cross boundaries and call for solutions to co-existing successfully with the wild.

  • Sponsoring Kids

    to help write books about environmental challenges and opportunities.

  • Sponsoring Visits

    to zoos or outdoor education programs to learn about endangered species, respect for wildlife and responsible enjoyment.

  • Creating Teaching Cartoons

    designed in an entertained fashion that sticks with young children. Reach them where they are today and entice them to engage in the outdoors.

  • Reaching Out

    to kids to connect with save a species initiatives, be mindful of invasive species and be watch guards of the lands in their neighborhood.

  • Sharing Discussions

    about land and wildlife management, where people can be a voice to ensure that balance of enjoyment and protection is at the heart of decisions.

  • Being a Voice

    that advocates for good stewardship, responsible management and balance rather than extremist behavior.