What We Do

Engaging humans to LOVE THE WILD can happen with three key components:

Learn From the WILD

Nature in all its glory has many lessons for every age.   Lessons of sustenance, mindfulness, reliance, balance, risk, protection, and adventure are all lesson plans of the WILD in nature that we strive to introduce to people of all ages.  Through learning about the WILD, we recognize the values and systems of nature.  This instills a sense of pride and ownership as we understand the changes that we are responsible for effecting.  As a result, we become better stewards of the environment and its inhabitants.

Capturing the imagination of young people through child-friendly materials like books and videos is an effective way to pique their interest.   This is why we partner with entities like Green Kids Club, publishers of children’s picture books about environmental stewardship and animals.  In fact, the dream and vision for the Love the Wild Foundation were born from the adventures in the Green Kids Club stories!

We also work to provide learning adventures by partnering with other NGO’s, like-minded entities and schools to offer workshops and educational experiences about environmental systems and animal habitats.

Currently we are raising $20,000 to support the development of a series of online curriculums for schools that would be conducted in partnership with another learning organization and could be employed globally. The goal is to connect students from different areas and walks of life and provide a connection between mentors, students and educators to impart lessons about environmental stewardship.  To conduct this type of educational curriculum, we have partnered with the organization, Inspired Classrooms.  Our first Classroom Challenge launched on May 1st with the theme of upcycling!

Enjoy the WILD

Recreational use of our public lands bonds people with the natural WILD landscapes that need our love and attention.  Creating a connection between the power of nature and our health and well-being is crucial in today’s fast paced, technological world.   The best way to feel a vested interested in nature is to utilize all it has to offer:  If we enjoy the outdoors, we will seek to preserve our environment.  Being able to access the wild through verified trails and designated points not only makes access safer but also allows for the balance of existence between humans and nature. As such, the Foundation focuses its attention on land preservation and advocacy to continue the non-threatening intersection of humans with nature.  Initiatives that we focus on include preserving and supporting the continued access and use of our public park lands and national parks, advocating for better trail access points, and encouraging strong management practices to maintain our wild landscapes.

Protect the WILD

Protecting the WILD will allow for enjoyment of the WILD.  WILD Landscapes and WILD animals depend on our stewardship.   Sharing about the “how” and “why” of good stewardship is critical in today’s world. By educating this generation about disruptive practices and policies of people, industry and land management, we will make people more aware of their responsibility to preserve the wild for future generations.

Our goal is to make our neighbors and future generations advocates for the wild. Through you, we will reach farther and wider.

Currently we are working with The Orangutan Project to protect one of the last lowland rainforests in Kalimantan, home to the largest remaining population of Critically Endangered Bornean orangutans – but we need your help!  Donate here to support our cause. 

Our Fundraising Goals

  • Donating Books

    about the environment and animals to schools and youth programs.

 Potentially co-authoring books about the environment with other organizations.

  • Creating Learning Opportunities

    Employing virtual learning lessons to analyze environmental challenges and discuss possible solutions. Engaging and connecting students, biologists, scientists and teachers to cross boundaries and call for solutions to co-exist successfully with the WILD.

 For example, we have ongoing learning challenges with our partner, Inspired Classroom.

  • Sponsoring Youth

    to help write books about environmental challenges and opportunities.

  • Sponsoring Visits

    to zoos or outdoor education centers to learn about endangered species, respect for wildlife and responsible enjoyment.


Creating Additional Educational Formats

    to engage young children.

  • Enticing 

    to connect with initiatives to save threatened or endangered species, be mindful of invasive species and be local stewards of the lands in their neighborhood.

  • Fostering Discussions

    about land and wildlife management to ensure that decisions are made based on a balance between the enjoyment and protection of nature.

  • Advocating

    for continued stewardship of the environment and for the protection of animals; enabling forums to share feasible solutions for managing biodiversity in nature.