Sylvia Medina

Sylvia Medina is the Founder of the Love The Wild Foundation.   She established this so she can help share the message to children to help preserve our planet and its animals.   She is also the founder of the Snake River Animal Shelter.

Ms. Sylvia Medina is the President and CEO of Green Kids Club, Inc.  Green Kids Club specializes in writing children’s books related to Environmental Stewardship and learning concepts for children. The stories highlight two children that drink water from a magic spring giving them the power to communicate and talk with animals. Together the kids and animals work towards ensuring they have a healthy ecosystem (  Green Kids has won a number of awards including the 2016 Green Company of the Year by Dr. Toy, Family Choice Award in 2015, the Mom’s Choice Award (2014), and the Dr. Toy Best Green Award (2014).  In 2017 we have been awarded the Dr. Toy Award for Top 10 Socially Responsible and the Top 100 for 2017.

Ms. Medina was also past president and owner of North Wind, Inc. an Environmental engineering and construction company.  She attended college at New Mexico Tech in Socorro, New Mexico, where she received Bachelor’s of Science degrees in Environmental Engineering and Biology.  After graduating from New Mexico Tech, Ms. Medina relocated to Idaho to work for the Idaho National Laboratory. While working she also obtained a Masters in Waste Management.

In addition to her work in the environmental industry, she is also an accomplished Jewelry Artisan (Sylvia Medina Jewelry).