Dr. Gerry Sehlke

Dr. Sehlke has 31 years experience in various topical areas, including; regulatory compliance, environmental restoration and water resources policy programs, in designing and implementing, groundwater monitoring, groundwater protection and environmental sustainability programs, and designing and implementing energy, water-, watershed- and climate-change adaptation and resilience research and development projects/programs.   His professional interests are focused on developing a nexus between policy/law and science; that is, ensuring that ongoing environmental/natural resources related science can support policy and legal needs and evaluating whether environmental/natural resources policies/laws are scientifically sound.

Professionally, He has been a Principal Compliance Engineer at the Naval Nuclear Laboratory, an Advisory Scientist at the Idaho National Laboratory, an Adjunct Professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Utah State University, an Affiliate Researcher at the Energy Policy Institute at Boise State University, and a Legislative Affairs Fellow for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV).

Dr. Sehlke has earned a Ph.D. in Water Law, Management and Policy, a M.S. in Hydrology, a M.S. in Entomology, and a B.S. in Biology.