Dory Kurowski

Dory Kurowski works closely with President and Chairman, Sylvia Medina, to develop messaging for the Foundation and handles all digital marketing.

Dory has 20 years experience in corporate, product communications and brand marketing, including work related to her app and the eco-minded products she recommends on it.  Dory started her career as a communications professional in the biopharmaceutical industry, and then after certain life changes, pivoted towards the world of sustainability.  Her mission has been to help the average consumer make better, more thoughtful product choices and also become aware about eco-minded and humane focused companies and organizations. She’s been a guest speaker at many national and local green fairs and festivals on her quest to educate others. She is also a consistent supporter of many animal advocacy groups.

Besides being a life-long lover of nature and wildlife, part of Dory’s decision to rigorously focus on sustainability was after the birth of her first child.  With a son in elementary school, Dory is highly vested in teaching children about environmental stewardship and aims to do so on a daily basis.  Dory is thrilled to be able to work with Love the Wild, which is quite a natural fit.