Field Trips

Superhero Bear: Grizzly 399

In the Northwestern United States, there is a magnificent species called the grizzly bear. As prime habitat decreases for these animals that have ranges up to 600 square miles, more and more conflicts are making their survival harder. Grizzly 399 is a magnificent bear that lives in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

Students will learn about the natural history, habitat, and challenges faced by grizzly bears and then use that knowledge to work through the process of creating a comic strip or graphic novel to build awareness about this endangered animal.

This FREE standards-based curriculum is sponsored by Love the Wild Foundation. Teacher and student resources and step-by-step directions make this an ideal project for face-to-face, hybrid, or remote learning.

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Upcycling Challenge

After learning about upcycling and plastics, create an upcycled product. Be inventive! Be creative! Be useful! Look around the house for items that are no longer needed, especially those made of plastic. Create a new product that can either be used by animals or helps people appreciate animals. Then come up with a clever name for the product. Remember, this is something that people might want to buy or make themselves.

In addition to building something new, write directions on how to make it. The directions and photo of the product might be added to a Green Kids Upcycling Project book so that others can use their old junk to build something useful and make better use of plastics.

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