Author: Jane Ratzlaff (Jane Ratzlaff)


Inspiring youth to reduce waste

Addressing the Problem Of Waste We believe that plastic and other garbage will become a crisis in a few years much like it has overseas.   The Love the Wild Foundation Board feels that by actively reaching out to youth for dialogue and curriculum focused on waste and alternative possibilities will not only raise awareness but...


Love the Wild meets with children in Indonesia

Sylvia Medina, chair of Love the Wild Foundation, met with children from an Indonesian village deep in Borneo. We gave them toys and books and discussed environmental issues and their amazing home. When we were leaving the location there was an orangutan hanging out in the area which provided yet another learning opportunity.


Sponsoring books for Kids

For the last 4 years Green Kids Club has been bringing books and toys to children at the Holy Cross Anglican School in San Pedro, Belize. The books teach children the importance of taking care of our environment and its animals. This year the Green Kids Club ( in conjunction with Love the Wild Foundation...