Author: Dory Kurowski (Dory Kurowski)


Our Recently Sponsored Field Trip Helped Children Both Enjoy and Learn From the WILD

One of our goals under the Love the Wild Foundation mission is to make children better environmental stewards.  We were so happy to be able to sponsor a 4th grade class field trip to the Teton Science Schools where the children learned about the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.  Teton Science Schools provides year-round programming for student groups from across...


New Classroom Challenge Teaches Children About Grizzly Bears and to Respect Wildlife From Afar

Our goal is to work with educators and institutions to ensure that the WILD is understood, loved and protected for future generations to come.  With our partners at Green Kids Club, we are sponsoring Inspired Classroom Challenges to teach children about environmental stewardship and being mindful about nature, with a focus on animals and their habitats.  We are so excited about our...


How We are Inspiring Youth to Care for the Environment

Some months ago, before our world drastically changed, we disclosed out intent to partner with Inspired Classrooms to conduct a series of classroom challenges related to environmental stewardship. This partnership is aligned with our mission to find ways to inspire youth, around the world, to protect, love and learn from the WILD. Now, more than...